A Social-History TV Format

Our social history format National Treasures continues its roll-out with local broadcasters commissioning second seasons and picking up awards along the way.

The format explores the social history and personal stories attached to cherished objects in the hands of ordinary people. Inclusive, positive and revealing, the format can create a distinctly regional tv offering. It has been option in 22 countries and most recently produced in Denmark, New Zealand and Spain. The reaction to the format in each country has been incredibly positive. 

Awards and Second Commissions

In New Zealand (with NZTV and Pango Productions), the format has been called “a show that lives up to its name” and was been nominated as Best Format Reality Series at the upcoming New Zealand Television Awards. In Spain (with À Punt and El Terrat/Sunrise Pictures), the format was nominated as Best Documentary Series at the Premis Berlanga Awards and picked up the Miguel Hernandez award for its work in disseminating the Valencian cultural heritage of the 20th century. 

We are delighted to see this recognition for the local versions of the show and it proves just how resonate the format can be. In more great news, the Spanish broadcaster À Punt has commissioned another series of the show and we have more exciting news to reveal in 2022.